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Admin & Finance Coordinator

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Admin & Finance Coordinator

We are looking for a self-motivated and experienced individual to support our Sales and Finance Manager. Must have at least 2 years of finance and bookkeeping experience, be extremely detailed, filled with enthusiasm and have a valid driver’s license.

The ideal candidate should also be an excellent communicator and is able to thrive in a creative environment, playing multiple roles as needed.

You will find the job description below. To find out more on what it’s like to work for The Greenhouse Studio, click here.

Email your CV and answer why we should hire you at iwouldratherbe@greenhousefiji.com

DEADLINE OF APPLICATIONS: 8 August 2019, Thursday.

Typical work activities:

1. Maintaining financial data and efficiency in consultation with the Studio’s Sales and Finance Manager

● Liaising with the accountant
● Following up on payments and receivables at the beginning of every week
● Reconciling weekly (daily if possible) deposits and disbursements in online accounting system
● Managing petty cash and producing weekly petty cash reports
● Supervising payroll and remittances
● Submitting FNPF and FRCA reports before the end of the month (filing on time even if there are no
payments to avoid late lodgment fees)
● Organising statutory payments (FRCA, FNPF), bill payments, supplier payments, and insurance
payments and ensuring they are paid on time
● Maintaining invoices/receipts, and issuing estimates, invoices and receipts as needed
● Managing distribution of utility bills and collections of accounts
● Preparing and maintaining the studio budget
● Maintaining payment of industry memberships
● Maintaining accounts payable and accounts receivable files
● Issuing receipts as needed

2. Maintaining studio filing systems and resources
● Developing an online and offline filing architecture and system
● Having important documents online and offline for easy retrieval as and when needed
● Ensuring filing systems and are maintained, secure and up to date
● Defining procedures for record retention (online and offline)
● Ensuring protection and security of files and records

3. Maintaining studio efficiency
● Planning and implementing studio systems, studio layout and equipment procurement
● Assisting with studio policies, standards, processes and procedures
● Maintaining the condition of the office, and arranging for necessary repairs
● Reviewing and updating health and safety policies and ensuring that they are observed
● Arranging regular testing for electrical equipment and safety devices

4. Maintaining basic customer, client and supplier relations
● Developing excellent relationships with accounts and procurement staff of clients, vendors and
● Maintaining the studio’s directory and contact list (clients, partners, suppliers, vendors, customers)
● Supervising the continuous development and updating of the customer and vendor relationship
management system
● Creating an annual calendar with important dates (payment schedules/accounts and administration
dates, staff/client/vendor birthdays, anniversaries, studio anniversary, public holidays, studio
holiday closure) with reminders and ensure staff, clients and vendors are sent either studio gifts or
messages on the day
● Responding to customer enquiries and complaints; or delegate queries and complaints to the right
department. All these correspondence must be copied to the Sales and Finance Manager and Managing Director

Perform other related duties:
● Working with the team on corporate event management as needed
● Organising diaries and calendars
● Answering emails
● Making travel arrangements
● Organising office events

This position requires maturity, initiative, focus, good judgment, common sense, resourcefulness, ability to maintain confidentiality, set priorities, and handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Qualified candidates must have excellent communication and time management ability, organisational and interpersonal skills, along with the ability to work independently and professionally at all levels while showing respect for all individuals in all situations. Qualified candidates must also possess solid problem solving skills, be able to remain a team player with a positive attitude while executing every task effectively under pressure, possibly within short time constraints, and recognising that no task is insignificant or insurmountable.

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