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Our COVID-19 Response

We're in this together.
/ Our COVID-19 Response

Our whole family at Greenhouse wants to send all of you our lolomas and we are hoping everyone is staying safe and healthy. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure the health and safety of our team, our clients and our community so we are currently on Phase 2 of our COVID-19 response. (There are 3 phases in our response as per our Business Continuity Plan.)

Working remotely is not entirely new to us, we have always been a flexible, resilient and creative team of digital nomads, but as we prepared to go completely remote and virtual in all our operations, we worked out a number of ways to ensure we can effectively work as a team:

Communication channels – Our team has a number of separate chat groups on Viber and as we have a GSuite Office account, we can jump on Google Hangouts whenever we need to virtually meet for project updates, design checks and direction, brainstorming sessions and other meet-ups.

Multiple virtual check-ins – We have increased our virtual check-ins with each other on our Viber Groups and through phone calls to ensure we are on the same page about all our work every time.

Remote working tools – We continue to use emails, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, our project management app Teamwork, Skype (when requested) and have even started trialing a new tool called Taskade. We are always looking at trying tools that will help us become better at what we do.

COVID-19 Team Guidelines – The whole team has access to a Guidelines document co-created by all of us which is shared as a Google Doc file which has important information to ensure our team can keep themselves safe and healthy during COVID-19 times.

By staying home and restricting our movement as a team and as individuals, we believe we are doing all we can to keep our clients, our team, our families and our communities safe.

You can easily reach us through Viber, WhatsApp, on email or on a call through the details below:

Lana – [email protected] | +679 7888410
Karen[email protected] | +679 7888401
Miri[email protected] | +679 7888404
Natasha[email protected] | +679 7888403
Josh[email protected] | +679 948 8088
Grace[email protected] | +679 7888222
Tom[email protected] | +679 7292532
Shimneet – [email protected] | +679 2954556
[email protected] | +679 7888400

Thank you for staying with us, for continuing to work with a small business like ours so we remain open. All of us in Fiji have yet to experience the full effects of this global pandemic here but we hope to keep working side by side with you as we continue to do the absolute best we can to face these uncertain times, shoulder to shoulder – even if that means a socially distant 2 metres apart!

Lolomas from us,
Your Greenhouse family

P.S. Leaving you with some fun snaps of some of us during our Monday Powwow dressups, virtual meetings and sessions 🙂 See you online soon!