We are an award-winning, multidisciplinary, Fiji-based creative studio, that specialises in branding, corporate events, print, digital and integrated communication experiences, with a focus on finding innovative solutions that inspire change.


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What’s it like to work at The Greenhouse Studio?

Well firstly, we’re very particular about who we initiate in our little family. Yes, we have big clients and amazing projects but we are pretty tiny, and we do work out of the second bedroom of our founder’s flat. So if you’re in for the glamour of ‘agencies’ and perhaps everything shiny (but fake), The Greenhouse Studio is not for you. We celebrate diversity, creativity, talent but most of all, we celebrate the right kind of character and attitude.

We’re a quirky bunch dedicated to providing the best damn work possible, and we’re not afraid to get down and dirty to the most menial of tasks which we do not believe to be menial at all. Basically we’re a handful of dedicated individuals strict on honest customer service, crazy about detailed creative work, uncompromising with regards to quality and standards, big on teamwork and having fun while doing it all.

Here are a few things that the team says they love about The Greenhouse Studio:


Awesome flexibility where you can work from outside the office. Everyone in the team receives a laptop and an external hard drive for back-up – even our Visual Designers get Macbook Pros as their studio machines so nobody in our team is tied to a stationary desk. We have a results-based work environment and we trust each other to complete those tasks on time wherever we may be. You’ll find us at coffee shops, restaurants, beachfronts, our clients’ offices – wherever work can be done.


The values instilled and the studio work culture inspires dedication from the team. We are especially proud of our ‘tag team system’. Simply put, that means someone in the team has your back and vice versa. The Greenhouse Studio believes that happy employees make happy clients, and we make time to cultivate honest and caring relationships with our staff as much as we do with our customers.



The Greenhouse Studio has multi-level mentorships with one-on-one sessions for guidance and learning, not only professionally but personally as well. This exists in our studio because we want to do big by staying small. By having a team with less than ten people, we ensure that we are in touch with each other’s flow and that we have time to truly help each other out.


The Greenhouse Studio schedules a Creative Friday on the last Friday of the month. We meet at a voted location (coffee shop, museum, gardens, wherever) and for two hours the team is required to individually choose what book to read, what online course to take and what video to watch from Skillshare or TED Talks. The idea is to sharpen our creative muscles by learning something new time and time again. At the end of the two hours, we then share our learnings and thoughts to the team. Yes it also doubles as training for public speaking!


In the second quarter of the year, the entire Greenhouse Studio team packs up their bags for an adventurous (or if you prefer, relaxing) retreat. We do some strategic planning, vision boarding and some good ‘ol team bonding fun!



Bonfire at our 2017 Annual Retreat at Maui Bay.


“When I think about working at Greenhouse, I think about companies like Google, Shopify, Typeform to name a few.

To quote from a Google employee “Google is not a very small company. Yet it functions like a small company. People sit together, cross-functional teams, and each group is holistically responsible for getting stuff done. Few layers, lots of empowerment. It is a big small company. That is the secret.”

Yes I just compared Greenhouse to Google 🙂 and in my reasons below you will see why:

We’re eccentric.

We believe in our work.

We believe in 101% and nothing less.

We’re ahead of the game because we’re always updating ourselves with cutting-edge technology.

We’re innovators and early adopters.

We vibe, we’re more than a team, we’re family.

We’re learning new things everyday.

We’re flexible.

We’re empowered.

And lastly and probably most important of all, the culture at Greenhouse pushes us daily to be better, to do better, to celebrate small and big victories, to learn from our mistakes and to be the best versions of ourselves.”


If you’re still reading this after the long spiel above, well you must be really interested to join us! Please click below on current opportunities for more information.

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