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Community Manager

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Community Manager

The Greenhouse Studio is seeking to recruit a Community Manager (CM) for Greenhouse Coworking. We are looking for a vibrant, friendly, and detail-oriented person to take on this full-time role at Greenhouse Coworking. You will be the go-to person for every member of our Coworking community, who will connect members, organise community events, manage bookings and appointments, and ensure overall that everyone has a delightful member experience.



GHS is an award-winning, multidisciplinary, Fiji-based creative studio specialising in branding, corporate events, print, digital and integrated communication experiences, with a focus on finding innovative solutions that inspire change. Founded in 2014, GHS is a socially-conscious business that adheres to the principles of the triple bottom line – people, planet and profit. The company’s vision is to become the best creative hub in the Pacific, where it can inspire a culture of creative collaboration and foster social entrepreneurship to solve challenges and problems in local communities.

The Market Development Facility (MDF) is an Australian Government funded multi-country initiative which promotes sustainable economic development, through higher incomes for women and men, in our partner countries.

MDF connects individuals, businesses, governments and NGOs with each other, and with markets at home and abroad. This enhances investment and coordination and allows partnerships to flourish, strengthening inclusive economic growth. MDF is funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT). It is implemented by Palladium in partnership with Swisscontact.

In Fiji, MDF focuses on developing a growing, diversified and inclusive tourism industry, while also improving the competitiveness of Fiji’s high-value agriculture and urban industries.

In early 2020, MDF partnered with The Greenhouse Studio (GHS) to establish a coworking space (now referred to as “Greenhouse Coworking”) to address some of the key challenges faced by micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Fiji; such as the lack of affordable working spaces (including, but not limited to, office equipment, internet, courier services, etc.), opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange, as well as access to additional business support services.



The Community Manager (CM) is simply put, the heartbeat of Greenhouse Coworking, and the one that breathes life into our space and makes everyone feel connected and happy to be there. So the CM must genuinely love and understand people, and be passionate about coworking, our creative and collaborative culture, and the future of work. The CM must understand branding, marketing and what it means to deliver a delightful customer experience as well as be super organised and be so detail-oriented that nothing gets past them – from bookings to tours, from sign-ups to managing facilities, from organising events to creating that unique Greenhouse Coworking vibe for the community.  

The CM’s primary responsibilities will include:

Community Engagement

  • Live and breathe The Greenhouse Studio values as the main brand ambassador of Greenhouse Coworking
  • Seek out information about the business, professional and personal goals of community members
  • Organise and oversee a mixture of free and paid events from start to finish (marketing the event, catering, managing the budget, registration process, clean-up) such as networking initiatives, trainings, social events, and local partnerships to build loyalty and loloma within the community
  • Plan and launch community initiatives to create connections between community members (for example, specific member introductions, possible mentor matches, networking events and managing communications within the space and social media)

Member Management

  • Use a coworking management software to manage the space, member invoices, and issues
  • Welcome new members, activate and distribute keys, answer questions etc
  • Explain membership contracts and policies to members, as necessary
  • Oversee the onboarding experience and when members move out of Greenhouse Coworking
  • Resolve issues, manage conflicts and have crucial conversations between members quickly and in a manner that promotes empathy and resolution
  • Input and maintain accurate data across various platforms (billing, CRM, inventory) and provide both financial and membership reports to the MD, Founder, SFM and FO.

Facility Management

  • Ensure the coworking space is clean, inventory is stocked, and vendors deliver without disruption
  • Maintain a positive relationship with key vendors, maintenance teams and our landlord
  • Manage all building operations to the delight of members
  • Maximise up-time and availability of key facilities assets like the internet connection, kitchenette, printers/copiers
  • Keep members aware of facilities issues that may impact them
  • Organise timely and quick repairs to the facilities and key equipment
  • Be aware of laws and regulations as they pertain to member safety and emergency preparedness

Marketing and Sales

  • Manage coworking marketing campaigns and engagement through all channels especially on phone, email and social media 
  • Prepare and send e-mail newsletters monthly and weekly e-blasts 
  • Inform design and implementation of the Greenhouse Coworking’s Partnership and Marketing Strategy and Plan in collaboration with the BDM and the rest of the team
  • Conduct onsite tours, follow up with leads, and sign members up



The CM will work closely with The Greenhouse Studio and the MDF team to meet the deliverables outlined below while working on a full-time basis:

Before Greenhouse Coworking opens

  • Inform the design of the Greenhouse Coworking’s Partnership and Marketing Strategy and Plan
  • Develop a Community Management workplan with specific performance targets
  • Develop the member onboarding experience and create a customer journey map with the team 
  • Develop membership contracts and guidelines
  • Build a quarterly calendar of coworking events that engages all stakeholders (Current members, future members, local community, development agencies)


After Greenhouse Coworking opens

  • Update the CRM with key contact information and other relevant details
  • Conduct onsite tours at least twice a week
  • Implement components of the Greenhouse Coworking’s Partnership and Marketing Strategy and Plan:
    • Organise free community events at least twice a week
    • Facilitate paid trainings or events at least once a week
    • Send weekly e-blasts and monthly newsletters 
    • And other listed activities in the plan
  • Collaborate with the BDM and the rest of the team to create and produce marketing content
  • Connect two community members once a week with another member, partner or organisation 
  • Provide membership reports (member surveys or pulse checks, sales numbers and membership statistics) on a monthly basis


Experience and Qualifications

  • Experience in hospitality, customer service, marketing, event management, project management, sales or business operations
  • Extremely detailed, and have exceptional organisational and multi-tasking skills
  • A passion for people and community-building
  • Strong verbal and communication skills
  • Warm, happy, energetic and approachable
  • Excellent people skills and the ability to work with a wide range of people
  • Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Flourish with minimal guidance, be able to work independently or within a team, be proactive, and handle uncertainty
  • Demonstrate sound work ethics and be honest, respectful and trustworthy
  • Proficient in Google Workspace especially Google Docs, Sheets and Slides; MS programs especially Word, Excel, Powerpoint, (or Keynote in Apple); and other online programs

College degree not required but a plus.


Duration and Package

This is a full-time role with an attractive remuneration package that is based on experience and value of skillsets. There is also an incentive package based on performance on success of retaining members and deepening partnerships .Other benefits at The Greenhouse Studio include:

  • Mobile phone plan with smartphone 
  • Subsidised professional Development (relevant local or overseas conference trip, school courses or training)
  • Three weeks of paid leave during Christmas holidays (mid December to early January) every year.
  • 15 annual leave days
  • Health & Wellness benefit
  • FNPF (10% employer contribution)


The CM reports to The Greenhouse Studio Managing Director as well as its Founder together with the MDF team.

Email your CV and answer why we should hire you at iwouldratherbe@greenhousefiji.com