Making Fiji’s records digitally accessible to our people


The National Archives of Fiji (NAF) contains and protects over a million documents dating back to the 1800’s. They are Fiji’s gatekeepers of history and knowledge. They hold the key to solving issues such as local pension entitlements, family genealogies, and even property cases.

Web design and development

NAF came to Greenhouse and discussed their need for a complete digital facelift. Being the creative nerds that we were, it was very exciting to be working with NAF. They have been doing so many outreach programs right to the hinterlands, from Naitasiri to Vanua Levu, taking tribal records, land information and photos to connect with Fijians there. They have opened their doors for not just researchers and the academe, but for everyone to experience their public and school tours. Their Digital Continuity Unit has been diligently sorting out images, scanning and cataloguing both photographs and AV programs since 2011 when it opened – a historic feat.

Needless to say, we were honoured to be working with NAF to integrate their growing social media presence as well as highlight their activities and achievements to their audiences online.