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Leading the race to Fiji’s health and wellness

/ Leading the race to Fiji’s health and wellness

In Fiji, it is calculated that more than 70 per cent of deaths were caused by non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in 2012. Fiji One News reported that in 2016 this increased to 80 percent. And this alarming problem in the Pacific is not an isolated issue in our part of the world. In fact, it is a worldwide concern – the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates 70 percent of global deaths in 2015 were due to NCDs.

So a few years ago, a group of avid runners and concerned citizens from Suva City started the Suva Marathon Club (SMC) created to specifically promote health and wellness not only in Fiji but for the whole of the South Pacific. Suva Marathon is going to be more than just a marathon, it is going to be for everyone. Men, women, the young, the old, whole families, teams and people with disabilities. It is going to be the South Pacific’s greatest road race, and when the Suva Marathon Club approached us in late 2014 to help them in the 2015 Suva Marathon, we did not hesitate to take on the challenging project.

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We have never organised a marathon before and it seemed an insurmountable task. Where do we start? Well, we did the first step in organising anything – we broke everything down to sizable pieces – Goals, Objectives, Milestones, Tasks, Deadlines, and People responsible.

In their first year, the SMC had organised a marathon with the support of some sponsors and had attracted about 250 participants. Moving forward, the club wanted their branding to be consistent and attract sponsors who have values aligned with their own.

Our first milestone? Create the SMC and the 2015 Suva Marathon branding. And we proceeded to doing just that. Logos, t-shirts, maps, print advertisements, posters, banners, the responsive website – basically the full set.

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The next mountain to climb was signing up sponsors who truly care about what SMC was doing. We created a branded presentation and sponsor kit and before the big event had signed up 21 sponsors with a naming sponsor signing a contract for 3 years!

Working on an event of this magnitude was physically and emotionally exhausting but it was so rewarding for The Greenhouse Studio and SMC when everything came all together on Race Day.

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