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Investing in Fiji’s cacao farming future with Fijiana Cacao

/ Investing in Fiji’s cacao farming future with Fijiana Cacao

Fijiana Cacao founders Tomohito and Harumi Zukoshi started their chocolate business in Savusavu, an idyllic bay town on the south eastern coast of Fiji’s second largest island Vanua Levu. In the beginning, the Zukoshis opened a Japanese restaurant where they began experimenting with cacao beans found at the local market. They soon realised that more people were coming to buy their chocolate than actually eat at the restaurant. From then on, the idea of Fijiana Cacao was born. After seven years of working with local cacao farmers, helping grow the then non-existent cacao industry in Fiji and building the business, The Greenhouse Studio was very fortunate in securing a contract with the company to do a certain level of re-branding and packaging design.

We respect the Zukoshis very much for the heart and hard work they put in Fijiana Cacao, and after many in-depth interactions with Tomo and Harumi we were collectively very happy with the fruits of our labor.

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Packaging design
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The Fijiana Cacao logo signifies a female Fijian warrior who stands as Mother Earth’s guardian. She is a protector of the land, custodian of the seeds. The logotype represents the land, Mother Earth herself, from which Fijian cacao grows and is nurtured to fulfil its purpose of giving happiness, love and joy to those who need it.

Slogan: Pure chocolate from the Fiji Islands

Secondary tagline: The Taste of Mother Earth

[az_single_image image=”4255″]
[az_single_image image=”4255″]

For their packaging we chose to use Kraft brown paper stock to communicate Fijiana Cacao’s ties to the earth, to being natural, to being pure. The story of cacao reaching Fiji in the 1800’s is central to the company’s narrative so a sense of age and history has been incorporated in the design. To show Fiji’s vibrant culture, traditions and people, a bold and lively colour palette and a full set of customised illustrations were created for each unique Fijiana Cacao chocolate flavour.