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Inspiring the growth of Pacific businesses through PIPSO

/ Inspiring the growth of Pacific businesses through PIPSO

The Pacific Islands Private Sector Organization (PIPSO) is the premier private sector representative body in the Pacific Islands region, and its purpose is to promote and inspire the growth of Pacific businesses. As a small business ourselves, we are big advocates of PIPSO and what they are doing to support businesses in Fiji and around the region. We have attended the two Pacific Women in Business conferences organised by PIPSO, and our Managing and Creative Director, was even a speaker in one of these events. Needless to say, we were thrilled when PIPSO started discussing the possibility of working with us to do Project management, Technical Support and overall Communications Consultancy for a number of months.

As their Communications Consultant we worked with them to organise delegates (Business-owners from around the Pacific) for the 2nd Pacific Agribusiness Forum held in Apia, Samoa, as well as the Pacific Business Forum held in Noumea, New Caledonia. We liaised with the media, wrote press releases, blog stories, daily social media posts and reports, took photos of the events, and led the social media campaigns for PIPSO’s involvement with both fora.

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Project management and Technical Support:
Website design and development project support and management
User needs assessment
Website Content management
Communications Consultancy:
Content writing for the website
Internal Communications development strategies
Event management and communications support
Writing of press releases
Development of a communications strategy
E-newsletter design
Annual Report design and layout
Pull-up banner design
Business cards design
Event logo design
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Part of our consultancy also included the concept and design of PIPSO’s new business cards, e-newsletter, annual report, event logos and pull-up banners. In addition to these, we managed PIPSO’s website revamp from start to launch, conducted user assessment testing, created the Information Architecture of the website, and liaised with web agency, Oceanic Communications, for its design and development.

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