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Business Development Manager

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Business Development Manager

The Greenhouse Studio is seeking to recruit a Business Development Manager (BDM) on a part-time basis for Greenhouse Coworking. We are looking for a serious go-getter who is sharp with numbers, savvy about connecting people, passionate about driving Greenhouse Coworking memberships and building new networking and partnership opportunities.



GHS is an award-winning, multidisciplinary, Fiji-based creative studio specialising in branding, corporate events, print, digital and integrated communication experiences, with a focus on finding innovative solutions that inspire change. Founded in 2014, GHS is a socially-conscious business that adheres to the principles of the triple bottom line – people, planet and profit. The company’s vision is to become the best creative hub in the Pacific, where it can inspire a culture of creative collaboration and foster social entrepreneurship to solve challenges and problems in local communities.

The Market Development Facility (MDF) is an Australian Government funded multi-country initiative which promotes sustainable economic development, through higher incomes for women and men, in our partner countries.

MDF connects individuals, businesses, governments and NGOs with each other, and with markets at home and abroad. This enhances investment and coordination and allows partnerships to flourish, strengthening inclusive economic growth. MDF is funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT). It is implemented by Palladium in partnership with Swisscontact.

In Fiji, MDF focuses on developing a growing, diversified and inclusive tourism industry, while also improving the competitiveness of Fiji’s high value agriculture and urban industries.

In early 2020, MDF partnered with The Greenhouse Studio (GHS) to establish a coworking space (now referred to as “Greenhouse Coworking”) to address some of the key challenges faced by micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Fiji; such as the lack of affordable working spaces (including, but not limited to, office equipment, internet, courier services, etc.), opportunities for networking and knowledge-exchange, as well as access to additional business developmentsupport services.



The Business Development Manager (BDM) is a driven and self-motivated Business Development Professional  professional who has extensive experience in business development, building partnerships and memberships. The BDM should already have strong connections with members of the MSME community in Fiji as well as wider stakeholders and development partners who would like to support or are already supporting local MSMEs. 

The BDM’s primary responsibilities will include:

  • Research and build new and existing accounts (for example, add contacts, send Coworking e-newsletters, analyse the demand from events, and coordinate strategic meetings);
  • Build awareness, develop proposals and accurately articulate and present Greenhouse Coworking’s value proposition and unique selling propositions to relevant organisations, companies as well as possible community members;
  • Create a plan to build strategic connections, partnerships and programs that strengthen the Greenhouse Coworking brand and lead to sales; 
  • Manage high-level conversations with key people in development organisations that work on supporting the MSME community, as well as CFOs, Heads of HR and other business leaders in target and prospect accounts;
  • Develop key relationships and support sales opportunities that lead to pitches and engagement growth in the partnership pipeline that convert to revenues
  • Attend industry events to represent Greenhouse Coworking and effectively deliver our mission, values and unique selling propositions;
  • Collaborate with the Community Manager and The Greenhouse Studio team to refine and implement Greenhouse Coworking’s Marketing Strategy and Plan as well as develop marketing collateral and messaging;
  • Handle and coordinate, follow-ups on customer show around and regularly host tours of Greenhouse Coworking for possible clients and partners;
  • Generate leads to work towards maximum occupancy (90%);
  • Develop and implement best practices to maximise pipeline creation, conversion rates, forecasting accuracy, and cross-functional collaboration;
  • Create and manage the partnership and sales Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database for Greenhouse Coworking and prepare required reports and analytics; and
  • Maintain a high level of knowledge of our offerings while staying current in understanding the competitive landscape and industry trends in Coworking.



The BDM will work closely with The Greenhouse Studio and the MDF team to meet the deliverables outlined below while working on a part-time basis:

  • Refine the design of the Greenhouse Coworking’s Partnership and Marketing Strategy and Plan;
  • Develop a Business Development work plan with specific performance targets;
  • Implement components of the Greenhouse Coworking’s Partnership and Marketing Strategy and Plan including:
    • Pitch date appointments within two weeks of contract start date (draft of document and calendar must be shared to The Greenhouse Studio and MDF team in the first week); 
    • Organise meetings with key people at organisations, companies and MSME communities to build relationships with Greenhouse Coworking at least once a week;
    • Prepare presentations and pitch Greenhouse Coworking to organisations, companies and MSME communities in Fiji at least four times a month;
    • Close a partnership deal with an organisation or agency for business incubation, training, funding or similar programs that translate to actual revenue once every 3 months from contract start date;
    • Host tours at Greenhouse Coworking at least once every two weeks; 
    • Represent Greenhouse Coworking at least once a month at local or international industry events or key events whether virtual or in-person to collect leads, build relationships and possible partnerships; and
    • Increase the Greenhouse Coworking Community membership to 90% capacity within 3 months of contract start date.
  • Create a sales and partnership CRM within one month of contract start date;
  • Develop a best practices document for Greenhouse Coworking to maximise pipeline creation, conversion rates, forecasting accuracy, and cross-functional collaboration within 5 months of contract start date; and
  • Prepare, submit and present a business development report every month including progress against performance targets.


Experience and Qualifications

  • At least 5 years experience and above in sales, marketing, business, MSME development, or related fields; 
  • A go-getter, hustler, and goal-oriented person who is able to think creatively and innovatively;
  • Existing close connections and networks with the MSME community and development agencies working with the MSME sector;
  • Strong and excellent communication skills, presentation skills, organisational and analytical skills
  • Ability to manage complex projects; 
  • Excellent people skills and the ability to work with a wide range of people;
  • Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity;
  • Flourish with minimal guidance, be able to work independently or within a team, be proactive, and handle uncertainty;
  • Demonstrate sound work ethics and be honest, respectful and trustworthy; and
  • Proficient in Google Workspace especially Google Docs, Sheets and Slides; MS programs especially Word, Excel, Powerpoint, (or Keynote in Apple); CRM databases, and other online programs.

Bachelor’s degree  in business, marketing or related fields not required but a plus.


Duration and Package

This role is for a part-time basis only (2-3 days a week) with an attractive remuneration package of FJD20,000 per annum and an additional performance incentive package of up to FJD10,000 depending on performance.

The incentive is based on performance on success of securing members and partners.

The BDM reports to The Greenhouse Studio Managing Director as well as its Founder together with the MDF team. The BDM has the flexibility to work from anywhere in Fiji within however many hours as long as the KPIs are met. Weekly meetings with the team (virtual or in-person) are however required. There will also be a seat available at Greenhouse Coworking for the BDM as needed.

Email your CV and answer why we should hire you at iwouldratherbe@greenhousefiji.com