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Making history with COP23

/ Making history with COP23

In November 2017, Fiji makes history by becoming the first Small Island Developing State to be selected to preside over the conference of the parties as President of COP23 – the United Nations climate negotiations to be held in Bonn, Germany. So in February, the Fijian government launched a national competition calling for design submissions for a COP23 logo.

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The call required a logo that is symbolic of Fiji to an international audience who may not have extensive experience with Fiji. It must capture a unique historical or cultural aspect of Fijian life. With these requirements including other items in a list to comply with, The Greenhouse Studio was inspired to take on the challenge, send an entry and take an active part in making history.

The concept of this logomark is inspired by Fiji as a Small Island Developing State that uniquely experiences the most adverse effects of climate change through the form of natural disasters. Off-the-chart cyclones, tsunamis and the increasing sea levels that threaten to engulf our small islands, our homes, our very own identity.

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The logomark signifies our vulnerability in our smallness and is a powerful reminder to all other countries attending the UN CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE, that our survivability rests within our collective hands as nations of the world. If you look at the logomark, it not only symbolizes a wave about to destroy our small islands, it also is a symbol for cyclones in remembrance of the devastation caused by Cyclone Winston last year in February. Additionally, it represents the conch shell, the davui, an instrument traditionally used to call out a signal. This is our wake-up call, our voice must be heard because no matter how small we are, we matter.

The colour palette uses tropical hues that have been widely used in Tourism Fiji’s colour palette over the years. A strategic design decision as Fiji is largely popular to the rest of the world through our tourism. By using these colours they act as visual cues to the viewer.

The logomark is incorporated into the logo itself which is more powerful in its message with the word FIJI being shown as an island or a group of islands.

By April, our entry was chosen as the winning logo and it was unveiled at an official Fijian government press conference. The Greenhouse Studio was very honoured and overwhelmed that our concept was going to be used at this level. Our winning concept was edited slightly and the final version contained the conference title and details in a stacked graphic treatment.

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