We are an award-winning, multidisciplinary, Fiji-based creative studio, that specialises in branding, corporate events, print, digital and integrated communication experiences, with a focus on finding innovative solutions that inspire change.

Web Developer and Tech Support

/ / Web Developer and Tech Support

At The Greenhouse Studio, Web Developers take charge of the portfolio of websites under our care – websites and digital solutions that we have designed and developed that we continue to host, update and maintain.

Our Web Developers are also responsible for designing, coding, and modifying websites, from layout to function and according to a client’s specifications. They write well-designed, testable, efficient code by using best software development practices and they work with the team to create visually appealing sites and digital solutions that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation that cater to the needs of the target audiences and users. We believe that all of our creative solutions should be exploratory, authentic, strategic, innovative, engaging, compelling, conceptually intelligent, visually stunning and inspire positive change and growth. These are the ideals we aim for from concept to execution, across many platforms whether they be on print, web, multimedia, or any other channel.

Our Web Developers also take on a critical role as our Tech Support, so if there are any website problems from our customers or IT challenges and issues that we face at The Greenhouse Studio, we have a tech genius on board who can help do the right fixes!

Typical work activities

Tasks typically involve: 

  • Gathering and refining specifications and requirements based on technical needs;
  • Using scripting or authoring languages, management tools, content creation tools, applications, and digital media;
  • Determining user needs by analysing technical requirements;
  • Cooperating with visual designers to match visual design intent;
  • Conferring with teams to resolve conflicts, prioritise needs, develop content criteria, or choose solutions;
  • Developing website layouts and user interfaces by using standard HTML/CSS practices;
  • Integrating data from various back-end services and databases;
  • Evaluating code with our Technology Directors to ensure it meets industry standards, is valid, is properly structured, and is compatible with browsers, devices, or operating systems;
  • Developing or validating test routines and schedules to ensure that test cases mimic external interfaces and address all browser and device types;
  • Creating and maintaining software documentation;
  • Producing CMS manuals for each client’s website and leading the training for clients;
  • Backing up files from the Studio’s portfolio of websites to local directories for recovery;
  • Identifying problems uncovered by customer feedback and testing, and correcting and fixing problems identified;
  • Providing support to the Studio’s website clients when issues arise;
  • Helping to update websites as needed;
  • Working with the Studio’s hosting partners and ensuring payments for hosting services and products are paid on time;
  • Implementing contingency plans in case any of the Studio’s websites go down;
  • Producing incident reports to be submitted to clients when there are issues faced by relevant websites;
  • Generating website reports for internal reporting and analysis;
  • Documenting a process and following it to perform all website updates (plugins, themes etc) safely and ensuring uptime and that they are fully secure from hackers, vulnerabilities and all kinds of attacks;
  • Checking the health of the Studio’s portfolio of websites regularly on a dashboard;
  • Sending the monthly Analytics of each website to clients as well as understanding them to give any recommendations when necessary;
  • Staying plugged into emerging technologies/industry trends and apply them into operations and activities;
  • Maintaining an understanding of the latest web applications and programming practices through education, study, and participation in conferences, workshops, and groups.
  • Troubleshooting IT and digital issues on multiple platforms faced at the office .
Special Skills
  • Hands on experience and skills with web Applications and programming languages such as PHP, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and APIs
  • Familiarity with the following programming languages: PHP, Javascript and WordPress, and with  CSS preprocessors like LESS or SASS
  • Ability to create WordPress custom themes and JavaScript automation tools like Gulp
  • Must have a strong understanding of UI, cross-browser compatibility, general web functions and standards
  • Strong grasp of security principles and how they apply to E-Commerce applications
  • A solid understanding of how web applications work including security, session management, and best development practices
  • Adequate knowledge of relational database systems, Object Oriented Programming and web application development
  • A good understanding of network diagnostics and network analytics tools
  • Basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation
  • Aggressive problem diagnosis and creative problem solving skills
  • Strong organisational skills to juggle multiple tasks within the constraints of timelines and budgets
  • Ability to work and thrive in a fast-paced environment, learn rapidly and master diverse web technologies and techniques
  • Solid ability in both written and verbal communication
  • Plans and carries out responsibilities with minimal direction 
  • Dedicated team player
  • Demonstrate sound work ethics
  • Be honest, respectful, and trustworthy
  • Access to personal and professional development courses
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Formal mentoring program with senior developers
  • Opportunity to grow the department and be trained for a leadership role

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