Bringing the Pacific to the world with VOU


VOU is Fiji’s most versatile and internationally renowned performance Dance Company that has performed hundreds of shows across Fiji and abroad showcasing a wide range of styles from Pacific, Bollywood, and traditional Fijian meke to Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Ballroom dancing and many others. Founded almost a decade ago by a determined young woman in business, Sachiko Soro, VOU is the epitome of a creative business that has flourished despite the odds in a Small Developing Island State like Fiji. As The Greenhouse Studio is a creative business founded by a woman as well, we certainly felt an affinity with VOU.

For their website, the focus is presenting VOU’s heart and soul in bringing the Pacific to the world through art and dance. By showcasing beautiful, dramatic photography of VOU dancers from the landing page, we immediately create an impact and elicit an emotional response from users.

Web design and development

Testimonials and reviews about VOU provide greater insight into the VOU experience whether by getting them to perform at an event or by sending your child to their school. A whole section is dedicated just for the VOU school where parents can find out more about different dance classes, class schedules and enrol their child online.

Designed to present VOU’s professionalism and passion to an international audience, it is easy to view their performances in motion or in stills in their gallery; find out more about their story, history, even details of each dancer in the troupe; read their blog entries that portray an independent and interesting voice; and contact them to perform at any event or festival anywhere around the world.