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Shim Test

/ Shim Test

Our favourite Pre-Pandemic moments

What is your favourite pre-pandemic memory? This week we asked the team to share memories and pictures from before the pandemic, and reflect on what they mean now.

Dream come true..sort of…

Work from Home has its pros and cons, so I talk about how the team, my family members and my friends have helped me be comfortable in this situation

Falling back in love with myself – my wellness journey

Read more about Miri’s brave and vulnerable journey back to loving herself

Coping with living alone during a pandemic

Normally living alone is great, it’s manageable, but after the third week of staying away from family, work-family, and friends, this was eating up my sanity. So now that reality had set in, “living alone” was not fun anymore because of these restrictions. I had to reposition myself to face facts, this was not going anywhere, anytime soon, the new norm as they say.

A tale from Yasiyasi

I wake up, shower, brush my teeth, get dressed, pack my bag, phone, keys put my shoes on and I’m out of the house waiting to catch the bus to work. Let’s try that again…

3 Steps to surviving lockdowns with your family like a BOSS

Read about Ronna’s struggle with working from home, with 2 kids, work, marriage, running a home and the 3 steps that she finally took to get some sense, sanity, order and organisation.

Unlearning how to work from home – tears, tantrums and small victories.

Karen shares the ten things she has recently unlearned on navigating the chaos when working from home.