Finance Officer

The Finance Officer (FO) is responsible for maintaining day to day and the overall financial and administrative support to the Sales and Finance Manager, and the Managing Director, to ensure organisational effectiveness and efficiency. The FO are tasked with developing budgets, monitoring transactions, and preparing financial reports

Typical work activities
  1. Maintaining studio records
  • Ensuring filing systems are maintained and up to date
  • Following procedures for record retention 
  • Scanning and uploading all receipts to online accounting program daily
  • Ensuring protection and security of files and records
  • Ensuring effective transfer of files and records
  • Transferring and disposing records according to retention schedules and policies
    (every 7 years as required by law)
  • Ensuring personnel files are up to date and secure

2. Maintaining financial data

  • Issuing receipts as needed
  • Processing invoices
  • Reconciling daily, weekly, monthly and yearly transactions, deposits and disbursements
  • Management of petty cash and producing weekly petty cash reports
  • Preparing balance sheets and financial reports
  • Assisting in the preparation of budgets
  • Being a key point of contact with the Sales and Finance Manager for other departments on financial and accounting matters
  • Maintaining the asset management register
  • Organising bill payments and supplier payments
  • Collecting and banking cheque payments from clients 
  • Monitoring and recording long distance phone calls
  • Checking stock to determine inventory level
  • Maintaining the asset management register
  • Coordinating localnd and international remittances
  • Updating employee leave on studio calendar (forward leave planning)
  1. Maintaining basic customer, client and supplier relations
  • Maintaining the studio’s directory and contact list (clients, partners, suppliers, vendors, customers)
  • Updating of the studio’s calendar with important dates (staff/client/vendor birthdays, anniversaries, studio anniversary, public holidays, studio holiday closure) with reminders and ensure staff, clients and vendors are sent either studio gifts or messages on the day
  • Responding to customer enquiries and complaints; or delegating queries and complaints to the right department. All these correspondence must be copied to [email protected]
  • Processing business cards received from an event (information captured as leads with notes given by team member who received the cards).
Perform other related duties:
  • Fielding calls
  • Filing receipts 
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Liaising with clients and staff
  • Managing other runners 
  • Creating the list of errands for part-time administrative help
  • Replenishing stock in the kitchen (coffee, tea, bread)
  • Performing office errands
  • Helping with studio projects
Qualifications and requirements;

Well suited candidates who have a background or university qualifications in the following fields of study are  required: 

  • Finance or Economics
  •  Accounting
  • Business or Business Administration

Knowledge in the below programs:

  • Xero Accounting Software
  • G Suite 
  • Quickbooks

Driver’s license

Email your CV and answer why we should hire you at [email protected]